Weddington Way + Style me Lauren

weddington way1. Weddington Way – Bridesmaid dress page here 2. Braided Low Bun  3. Peonies  4. Bracelet: Nordstrom 5. Earrings: Kate Spade 6. Clutch: Jimmy Choo 7. Sandals: Jimmy Choo 8. Polish: Essie 9. Shawl: Here 10. Lip Liner : Bobbi Brown 11. Lip Stick: Estee Lauder 12. Nars Lip Gloss: Here 13. Self Tanning Lotion: La Mer 14. Flats: Sperry Top-Sider 15. Eye Shadow: Urban Decay 16. Robe: Betsey Johnson 17. Wedding Rescue Kit: Here 18. Wipes: Here 19. Slip: Here

Today I’m teaming up with Weddington Way, the ultimate one stop online shopping experience for Bridesmaids. I am styling one of their gorgeous bridesmaids dresses from head to toe. Weddington Way has hundreds of bridesmaids dresses in every color and style you can imagine and they are extremely well priced. In addition to having wonderful items to buy, they also have 6 styles in 6 colors of dresses that you can rent!

Weddington way is also a great resource for Rehearsal dinner dresses (they have great short white options for the Bride), bachelorette party dresses, wedding shower dresses, and cute new spring dresses!

I love dreaming about my wedding. What girl doesn’t?! On my Pinterest board, I’ve pinned some fun wedding ideas, including some from Weddington Way. One of the things I haven’t thought through yet are my bridesmaids dresses. How do you choose?! When Weddington Way contacted me about this collaboration, it was so hard for me to pin down a dress and color! I landed on Navy. Navy is so classic. You honestly can’t go wrong. I love how it creates a neutral backdrop for a really bright gorgeous bouquet of pink peonies, pink earrings to match, and neutral (gold/silver) sandals.

One of my favorite ideas for a bridesmaids gift is a pair of colorful flats that compliment the wedding colors.  How many times have you been to a wedding and ladies end up dancing barefoot? I know, it happens all the time! Getting your girls flats they can keep under the table until the ceremony is over is such a cute idea and will keep their feet clean and comfy!

I also love the idea of a slightly loose, but pulled back up-do to pair with this dress. Since this dress is pretty sophisticated, I think it’s best to balance the dress with a more laid back hair style. A slight smokey eye using bronzes, and golds would be a fabulous make up look to compliment this style. I chose a polish from Essie’s ‘The Wedding Collection,’ called Borrowed and Blue. Super cute, feminine, and flattering for all.

Let’s talk about tanning. If you can’t build up a natural tan over time (you know, if you can’t just hop on over to Maui for a week to tan…) I highly recommend NOT getting a spray tan (especially for the first time) right before the wedding. If you are desperate, and want to do a spray tan…do a test run. There is nothing worse than going into the spray tanning booth feeling super confident, having the gal working the front desk tell you that you should definitely put it on the darkest level based on your complexion, and coming out looking dirty, sandy, and gross (oh sorry, has this only happened to me?!). Anyway! If you don’t have time to do a test run, I highly recommend this product by La Mer. This ‘Gradual tan Lotion’ is great because you can use it until you achieve your desired tan. Make sure to apply to clean, dry skin.

One of my favorite items on my list, is #17, the ‘Wedding Rescue Kit.’ I would say this is most important for the Maid Of Honor to purchase and have on the wedding day, but as long as one bridesmaid has it- you’re set! It’s so important to have ’emergency’ tools/supplies ready. Seriously! This is a big day! Floss, pins, tissues, tampons, a nail file, comb, etc. These things matter!! Have them on hand so nothing will happen, and if something does, you’re prepared!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my Weddington Way + Style me Lauren collaboration! Please feel free to ask questions and leave comments below.  Happy Tuesday! xo

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