Crave or Save

crave or save

Prada / Koolaburra  | Vince / Asos | Tory Burch / Valentino | Michael Kors / Forever 21 | Guiseppe Zanotti / SJPGuiseppe Zanotti / Sam Edelman | | Stuart Weitzman / Asos

Have you ever saved up for an amazing pair of shoes and once you bought them, they lost a little flare?! NOPE!! Me either! There is something about a beautifully crafted pair of shoes that just gets me. However, it’s not always practical to buy the cream of the crop every time. Today I’ve put together some shoes I’m craving, but also have listed a much more affordable option. If you think you are lusting after a style purely because of a trend (which sometimes can be tricky to pinpoint what you love), I would recommend buying the “save” version – if you are trying to start a collection of higher-end pieces, I would collect the most classic styles first, because you’ll most likely have them forever, and they’ll mean something to you later on! Regardless, happy shopping!!

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