Holiday Party Ready

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The holidays are quickly approaching, and I am so excited to share this holiday look with you from Nordstrom! I love this red dress as a statement piece for the holidays. It’s festive, fun, and a great silhouette that can be worn even once the holidays are over. I chose to keep this look classic, and let the dress speak for itself. My motto is always if you’re wearing a statement piece, let your accessories, shoes, and jewelry take the back seat. You never want the items your wearing to compete. Keeping your makeup neutral with golds, browns, or even a soft smokey eye would be great way to play up this dress for an evening party.

On Christmas Eve, my family attends a few annual friends’ parties, and we always end the night at my grandma’s house. It’s a really fun tradition of going to and from our friends and families houses, but it’s always tricky figuring out the perfect outfit for the day. This dress is a no brainer and solves that problem. I hope you all have a fabulous week, and don’t hesitate to post questions or comments below! Thanks for reading!

Dress: Nordstrom I also love this one, and this one! Shoes: Asos

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