Pinterest Inspiration – A Fall Party

img_6371Image from Camille Maurice

Today I am sharing a compilation of Pinterest images that are inspiring me to plan a fall cocktail party! Some of the recipes I have tried before, others I’m looking forward to trying, or love the idea! I hope this helps inspire you, too.


A beautiful flower arrangement. I love the gold pumpkin! You could totally do this with a can of spray paint! Thanks to Ruffled blog for their inspiration!


Ina Garten’s stuffed mushrooms. I’ve made these before, and let me tell you- they are simply decadent! They are slightly labor intensive, but they are really worth it if you have the time to prep. They are filled with sausage, bread crumbs, cheese…I mean, they are over the top! Sometimes when we are in the mood for a super satisfying meal, I will actually make the stuffing for these mushrooms, thin it out with a little milk and pour it over pasta. It’s pretty much the best comfort food you’ve ever had. Just sayin’!


Antipasto skewers– this is the most brilliant idea. I had a version of these at a wedding last summer. Here’s why I like them, if you’re serving these at a cocktail party, they are actually quite filling and can be a good substantial snack for your guests! Also, you can add, or omit things you like or don’t like. I love how versatile this idea is, and you don’t have to cook anything!


I love the way this drink looks, I mean it screams fall! I’m super excited to try this recipe out- let me know if you have tried it and how you liked it!


The ultimate cheese plate. This one is just absolutely stunning. It would almost be hard to eat…for about 5 seconds 🙂 I highly recommend you head over to Honestly Yum. This blogger walks you through step by step how to make this masterpiece!


It’s always a good idea to serve something sweet for your guests. This grain free, gluten free, Paleo, dairy free pecan pie from Deliciously Organic is the perfect option. Your guests will be able to indulge in their favorite healthy fall treat.


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