Grilled Carrots




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Today’s post is inspired by the most amazing grilled carrots at my all time favorite pizza restaurant, Vesta. I know what you are thinking…why would you order grilled carrots at a pizza restaurant. The answer? It was probably the only thing we had not tried on the menu, and we are oh so glad we did! They are insane! If you’re ever in the Bay Area, I highly recommend you make a special trip to try them for yourself, but in the meantime, try making them at home!

Grilled Carrots


– 1 Bunch Fresh Carrots (I picked mine up from the Farmer’s Market)

– Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Always try to get First Cold Press – it’s the best quality and flavor)

– Spice Rub ( I used Rub with Love, Steak Rub)


First, thoroughly wash your carrots, making sure to get all the dirt off them. Then, cut the stems off (this can also be done before washing). Next, brush the carrots with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Follow by generously sprinkling with steak rub. I used about 1/4 C of rub, but would recommend using even more for a more intense flavor. Place on the grill for 15 minutes, turning frequently to get an even grill. Plate, serve, and enjoy!

Top: Anthropologie, old, similar here Earrings: Anthropologie

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